Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

It is 100% true that if anything is done with preparation then its result is as per your expectation. Therefore, before investing in the stock market, you should get the right information about the stock market, which you will probably be able to get from somewhere other than Share Market Books.

Through this article, I have brought you the Best Indian Stock Market Books for Beginners, which I have read myself and recommend you to read too.

1. One Up On Wall Street( intraday Trading book)

You should read this book only after having basic knowledge of the stock market. This book is a great book written by Peter Lynch which was published in 1989. In this book, the author talks about Investment Philosophy and Stock Picking Approach.

One Up On Wall Street

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Peter Lynch talks about choosing such indian stocks with a long-term view in mind, which can give multifold returns. This book gives you very good information on the investment decision of buying and selling.

One Upon Wall Street is a masterpiece book on the stock market that you must read.

2. The Intelligent Investor

If we talk about The Best Stock Market Book and The Intelligent Investor is not talked about, it is not digested. This book is called the Bible of Investment. But this book can be very difficult for new investors to read and understand. So my advice to you is that you should read this book only after basic knowledge of the stock market. If you read this book directly you will not understand anything.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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This book is written by economist Benjamin Graham . He is also known as the father of value investing.

The rest of The Intelligent Investor doesn’t need any review. Despite this book being published in 1949 itself, it is a very effective stock market book even in today’s time.

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3. Beating the street

The book “Beating the Street” was written by Peter Lynch, here he explains how to devise a mutual fund strategy, show his own step-by-step strategy for picking a good company’s stock, and describe from scratch how the individual investor can improve his or her investing strategy.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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Here is some important point

This book focuses on good companies, not stock

“In dieting and in stocks, it is the gut and not the head that determines the results.”

Favorite Part #5:

“While catching up on the news is merely depressing to the citizen who has no stocks, it is a dangerous habit for the investor.”

Favorite Part #6:

“One reason bonds are so popular is that elderly people have most of the money in this country, and elderly people tend to live off the interest.”

Favorite Part #7:

“stick with a steady and consistent performer”

Favorite Part #8:

“It’s best to divide your money among three or four types of stock funds (growth, value, emerging growth, etc.) so you’ll always have some money trading invested in the most profitable sector of the capital market.

4. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Common Stock and Uncommon Profit Philip A. Fisher, loved by even the greatest of investors, Warren Buffet. This book tells you smart investment strategies through which you can choose growth companies for the long term. This book tells us how retail investor has a way to choose indian stocks that other investors do not have.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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Mr. Fisher has very well explained to his readers when to buy and sell shares. Mr. Fisher has taught stock investing in the book by the “Scuttlebutt” method. This is a very good book on value investing.

5. The little book that beats the market

If you buy a stock your research believes is undervalued, then yes two to five years MAY reach proper valuation BUT there are so many variables in that time frame that it may or may not happen…there are no guarantees.

To your question; If you have a stock that is profitable, there may be some circumstances to trim your position.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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You can never go broke by taking profits AND you have to limit your losses on losers.

I have stocks from years ago, great companies that I still own, and will continue to own. Your situation is unique to you. I personally would not use his method.

He is selling books….with one approach to a complicated subject.

6. The Warren Buffet Way

This turned into one of the nice books to examine Warren Buffett’s investing strategy! It offers a deep insight into the Warren Buffett manner of investing in shares.

Hagstrom covers all the essential components to obtain similar achievements to Buffett that you can follow without delay to your very own portfolio. the coolest factor about The Warren Buffett way manner is the author tends to stay far away from excessive faulting phrases that make it understandable to absolutely everyone inclined to study price investment.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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With the traditional Warren Buffett funding techniques, the book discovered its way in the list of the 10 need to examine books for the stock marketplace traders

7. Stocks to Riches

This book also makes its place in the best book for stock market investing due to its special stock market investment knowledge. In this book, the fundamentals to succeed in the stock market have been explained. This book tells you about investing, speculation, how to avoid pitfalls, and mental accounting.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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In its chapter Mental Accounting, many such examples have been given that you will be able to relate to your real life.

8. Learn to Earn

This book is the best book for the share market in foreign books. This book tells how America’s economy started from zero to become the largest economy in the world. In this way, this book also tells you the history of capitalism. In this book, the relationship between the stock market investment and the economy has been explained very well.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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9. How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market:-

How to save your money is more important than earning money trading in the share market. This stock market book tells us about the mistakes due to which we make losses. You may find it difficult to understand many books by foreign authors in the context of the Indian stock market. But this book is the Best Stock Market Book written by an Indian author which is very easy to understand.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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Apart from avoiding losses, this book also teaches us how we can earn sustainably from the stock market. Its author has explained in very simple language which type of companies we should stay away from and what should be kept in mind while choosing stocks.

10. Stocks for the long run

one of the first-rate e-book for realistic advice on investment which includes a valuable tour into the records of markets –

an amazing study for every person wanting to invest in their long-time period future without going to the opposite extreme of ‘purchase and hold’ for all time.

Top 10 Indian Stock Market Books Must Read As A Investor

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The e-book offers the reader a deep appreciation of the historically high returns on stocks and bonds.

the writer, Jeremy Siegel, makes a resounding case, those long-term growth stocks are the satisfactory assets elegance to hold.

The book additionally states that actively handling a portfolio or looking to time the capital market is counterproductive, which can be indicated by way of historic high returns of actively managed price range as opposed to passive indices.

More Indian Stock Market Books

Here are a few other books for investors which are also worth checking out. (Although this post is about 10 must-read books, however, I just cannot miss mentioning these books here).

Which book is best for learning the stock market in India?

This 14 book is the best for learning the stock market in India which we discuss all details in adobe.

Has Rakesh Jhunjhunwala written any book?

Has Rakesh Jhunjhunwala written any book?

yes, The Indian Dream ‘ written by Angela Romanian.

This book describes the successful tips of India’s stock market guru Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. It explains how Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started from nothing and became a Billionaire. Discover the family man, the brilliant and India’s most famous Bollywood Indian investors and philanthropist. Discover and learn how to become a Billionaire like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Buy Now – it’s one of the best stock market book by Indian authors.

Who is No 1 in Indian stock market?

Undoubtedly Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Number 1 Stock Market Investor in India.

Final Conclusion

One may additionally experience assured just by way of understanding what books initially. It’s been a few years considering the fact that I started out my investing, however, the books noted above honestly ready me with various tools making my adventure less difficult.

If you are interested in intraday trading you need to know the company’s technical analysis and know about the stock exchange.

Some of these books have offered thousands and thousands of copies around the sector but if it got here down to picking only one it’d be “The Intelligent Investor ” by Benjamin Graham surely. but at the end of the day, it’s miles the application of the records gained from those books which topics!

Allow me to know which ebook is your favorite or which books helped you on your investing journey. happy reading!

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