Cannabis Business Loans

There are some excellent opportunities emerging for productive businesses in the cannabis industry with the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational uses in many US states.

But it is quite difficult to obtain a cannabis business loan and the essential financing from a bank or credit union because of the regulatory hassles.

Obstacles In Funding Cannabis-Related Business

Despite its legality and popularity, the federal government still considers the sale and purchase of these cannabis products to be illegal in certain situations.

Getting a loan for your cannabis business can be difficult because federal laws consider traditional banks that offer you loans to be open to prosecution. Also, such banks are reluctant to take risks even under the circumstances that authorize marijuana/cannabis businesses to get small business loans.

Need for Cannabis Business Loans ?

Are you looking for funding for your business that is supporting Cannabis / Marijuana / Hemp / CBD / Cultivation or any other GREEN Business types? Or you are in an existing business?

We are able to fund Dispensary (dispensaries) / Grow Operations / Wholesale / Retail / Edibles and many other MMJ related businesses through our cannabis business loans programs.

Our Main Cannabis Business Loans Program

Unsecured Capital (Cash) Program up to $250,000 per signer/owner for initial funding round; then, up to $4million for subsequent round(s) that can take place 90-days after the initial funding round.

Please inquire direct by emailing/calling to learn more about what options we have for you, your business, and your state. (At this time WE ONLY FUND IN THE U.S.A.)

We have helped hundreds of different business owners and partners with our UNSECURED CASH CAPITAL program so far!

ALL NEW STATES are eligible to apply, please call/email, ask questions, and discuss specific details pertinent to your overall situation.

These are typically unsecured funds and take place within 5 to 10 days or less in most cases.

For more information regarding the cannabis business loans, you can call us on 703-399-1685, or kindly write to us at to get expert advice.

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